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Releases and Change log

This Changelog contains information about last five stable releases of Zabaan SDK.

1.3.0 (latest release)

  • Added support for complex android views (NestedScrollView, ViewPager ) to be directly mapped from Publisher SDK on Zabaan CMS.


  • Added support for Publisher SDK which allows to visually map interactions on Zabaan CMS.


  • Major internal changes which makes Zabaan more reliable across different app versions, as a result less frequent tech intervention is required while setting up Zabaan over CMS.


  • Addressed corner case for audio not playing interaction.


  • Fixed assistant UI bug where finger animation was getting removed from screen.


  • Removed constraints around setting margin values to assistant icon.


  • Bug fixes for Zabaan lifecycle changes in fragments and views of version 1.2.1.
  • Minor performance improvements.


  • Added support for Activity, Fragments and Views 🎉
  • Added a new show method (Check out the related documentation for more information)
  • Marked old show method Deprecated (will be removed in future versions)
  • Complete Architectural overhaul for the SDK (Developers using 1.2.0 and below might have to reimport some of the packages sicne they have been moved)
  • Cleanup methods have been made public and the documentation regarding the same is also available.
  • targetSDK and compileSDK versions bumped to API 31.


  • Added support for Sandbox Environment. 🎉
  • Removed WorkManager and custom worker factory implementation for audio file download and analytics api calls from SDK.
  • Fixed analytics issue for android 6,7.
  • targetSDK and compileSDK versions bumped to API 30.


  • Changed SDK's internal WorkManager to not interfere with applications WorkManager implementation.
  • Updated bench-marking events to measure SDK performance.
  • Added cleanup methods to appropriately manage Zabaan lifecycle
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