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Cleaning Zabaan

With rich set of features we have also provided options for developers to take control of how they want to handle the Assistant. Following documentation will show how can a developer stop any ongoing interaction or remove assistant from their screen or completely remove the Assistant's instance from their app.

  • Stopping an Interaction

    To stop any ongoing interaction you can call stopZabaanInteraction method. It will stop any on-going interaction from Zabaan Assistant.

  • Clearing Screen and state of Zabaan

    To override screen name and state of Zabaan you can simply set the new values directly, but if you wish to clear the screen name and state, you can call clearScreen and clearState methods.

    // This method will clear screen name value
    // This method will clear state value
  • Removing Zabaan from Screen (Activity / Fragment / View)

    If you wish to remove Zabaan from your Screen you can simply call the following method as demonstrated below, this method also internally calls all the 3 methods shared above stopZabaanInteraction, clearScreen, clearState.

  • Completely removing Zabaan from your App

    This method is used to cleanup the complete instance of Zabaan from the app. This should ideally be used once the developers are done using the Assistant in their app or when their app gets destroyed.

    After calling this function, the subsequent calls to Zabaa.getInstance() will throw exceptions.

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